It is fairly simple to repair bad credit and like it or not, it does require some time, and a little work to repair.

Try this step by step approach. First, get a free copy of your credit report. You are entitled to it under law.

You can download it from one of the websites,,

This is better than an agency, since you can do it yourself.

The credit reports are also available from the three major credit reporting agencies, namely, Experian, Equifax and Transunion.

They are also on the internet, and you should download all the reports from each of them. Scrutinize each transaction listed, and compare them with your stubs of spends and payments.

Should you find any discrepancy or have a doubt, contact the credit agency and ask for clarification or corrections.

This requires immediate attention and action to help yourself in beginning to repair your bad credit.

Set up a timeline after reporting it to the credit agency, and check with them again.

Exert your right to get your doubts removed within a specified time frame.

If you still find you have bad credit, you should seriously monitor your spends.

Plan your finances in a manner by cutting down other spends, paying up to the credit agency, the full amount due.

Often, the credit agency may give additional time, if you have a problem, but that adds to your expenses.


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