Credit Repair Toolbox

A “credit inquiry” is simply a request to view your credit , more commonly referred to as a credit check.

There are 2 different types: hard and soft. Hard inquiries are ones made with your permission for specific transactions.

Credit inquires can legally be executed by a company when you apply for credit or person such as a landlord or job interviewer when looking for a job, home or apartment.

This kit consists of 6 letters that gradually ratchet up in intensity, designed to eventually result in forcing your creditors and the credit bureaus to remove unwanted inquiries.

ORIGINAL CREDITOR: Send the first 2 letters Regular Mail and the last Certified Mail.

CREDIT BUREAUS: Send ALL these letters Certified Mail.

Send letter number one and If they respond with anything other than a confirmation that the inquiry will be deleted send the next letter in the series. Also, if you do not receive a respond to you with 30 days, proceed to send the next letter.

In most cases the inquiry will be removed after the 1st and 2nd letters.

But just in case they want to play hard ball, I have included a 3rd letter for both the Original Creditors and the Credit Bureaus.

It is important that you understand that due to cost of time and money, your creditors will not remove inquires quickly. This is because doing so requires them to devote more personnel and resources and resources to having employees to pull your credit file, contact the credit bureaus to have the inquiry deleted.

It is simply easier, cheaper, and faster for them to just mail out a credit denial letter first. This is because history has shown them that most folks won’t pursue the matter any further after the first denial.

On the flip side, once they see that you are knowledgeable and unwilling to budge until

So do not let anything stop you – persistence is your key to success!

Click here to download the letters in Microsoft Word .docx format


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