Credit Repair Toolbox

Due mainly to time or other constraints, you find that things are not working for you in terms of credit repair, consider going to a company that specializes in the process.

Many of these companies will offer to “clean up your credit record” for a fee.

While the services of a credit repair company can sometimes be useful, depending on your situation, you must be very, very careful to avoid scams and read all the fine print:

In some cases, there is nothing the credit repair company will do that you are unable to do yourself but if you don’t have the time or resources to do it yourself, it might make sense for you to go through a reliable company.

In the past, the basic strategy of most credit repair companies was to encourage you to challenge absolutely everything on your credit report with your credit bureau.

The idea was to inundate the bureau with more requests then they can respond to in a 30 day period, because remember: if the bureau can’t provide documentation for something on your file in 30 days, it must be removed.

This practice is very questionable, and reputable companies do not use tactics like this because even though the bureau must remove items within 30 days if they fail to document them, in most cases the companies will continue to investigate the claims, and when they eventually do find the proper documentation the items will be added again.

But as with any type of service, there are many companies that are so bad, they can actually make your credit worse than if you had never gotten involved with them in the first place.

Fortunately, consumers are much more savvy today than in the past and many of the scoundrels have been driven out of business or disappeared altogether.

Whatever you decide in regards to a credit repair company, remember to look over the offer carefully. Also be aware that credit repair companies are also bound to clearly outline all payments and terms.